Fitness Classes

At Novalife, we know that when it comes to fitness, one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer a wide choice of group and personal training classes, at the studio, at home, or even at work! Our unique group fusion fitness and customized personal training programs strive to unite the mind, body, and spirit through exercise and meditation. Our workouts combine the benefits of yoga to build flexibility, pilates to create long and lean muscle mass, free weights and resistance training to build bone density, as well as cardio circuit training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to burn fat.

Our mind / body fitness workouts are effective, non-competitive, fast-paced, friendly, and fun! We can adapt each class to meet your fitness abilities, so you can achieve steady and noticeable results. You will leave feeling refreshed, energized, and with a heightened awareness of your mind / body connection.

Who are our students? People from all walks of life – from women and men of all ages to entire sports team from teenagers to adults, you name it, we have a workout to suit everyone! All of our classes incorporate cardio / HIIT, functional fitness, pilates and strength / resistance training. Can’t come to the studio? Talk to your employer’s HR department if you are interested in convenient classes at work. Novalife Fitness can come to your company and offer a class during employee lunch breaks at a special discount!

Experience Novalife Fitness for yourself. Join us for a COMPLIMENTARY class today!

  • Amy and Novalife Fitness are excellent for anyone who wants to improve their level of physical and mental fitness. I have been going to Amy’s small personalized classes for two years and love every minute. The workouts can be tailored so that they match any level of fitness and everyone can participate in a positive energy-charged atmosphere. Even when we are working hard we have fun.

  • Anyone embarking on a fitness regime would greatly benefit from Amy’s classes at Novalife Fitness. Amy came highly recommended to me and has gone beyond my expectations. I have attended Amy’s classes for over four years. Her positive attitude is a great asset to her willingness to work with her clients at their own levels.”

  • I’ve been going to Amy’s pilates class for four years and love the workouts. She is great at tailoring the exercises to different levels of capability and intensity. Also, the classes are small, so you get plenty of attention when you are learning new moves, and the atmosphere is always extremely positive.

  • I hired Amy as my personal trainer in October 2014 and have not looked back since. She really understands the specific needs of each client and customizes unique fusion workouts that combine yoga, pilates, free weights, resistance training, and cardio. After a few sessions, you can really start seeing results. If you are looking for a great workout, whether in a group setting or a private session, I would highly recommend Amy. She makes working out really fun!

  • I love Amy’s classes! I have been attending twice a week for about nine months and I am stronger and feel more balanced than ever. Every class is different – you just never know what gift you are going to get that day! Amy also offers amazing mediation time at the end of her Tuesday class which is so relaxing and life-giving. You will never regret giving her classes a try. The other thing I appreciate about Amy is how she instructs her class – she explains and gives modifications for many levels, so that everyone has a great experience!

  • No matter your age, shape, or size, Amy makes you feel special and creates incredible classes and personal training sessions.

  • Best instructors I know work here! You won’t regret a lifestyle change like this!